Monday, 12 April 2010

Dan DeCarlo's Jetta

Hot of the presses: Dan DeCarlo's Jetta!
For the first time all three Jetta comic books from the 50's are collected in one large full-color hardback volume! You know you want it! ;)

Editor Craig Yoe asked me if I wanted to do a pin-up for the book.
And how could I say no to that?

Here's my first concept rough:

And then a more clean pencil sketch:

Followed by the final inked version:

The drawing was then colored by my girlfriend, Hedvig for inclusion in the book.

Our pin-up is not the only one in the book. No, 37 (!) artists joined the project and here's a list of them all! I bet I'm not the only one posting Jetta artwork today, so follow the links and explore the blogs and websites to get a fix of some great artwork. Enjoy!

Alan Gutierrez
Andrew Pepoy
Becky Dreistadt
Ben Tan
Bill Morrison
Bill Presing
Brandon Ragnar
Colleen Coover
Clizia Gussoni
Craig McCracken
Danny Hellman
David Reddick
Dean Yeagle
Dominic Marco
Fabrizio Pasini
Jay Stephens
Jenny Lerew
Hedvig Häggman-Sund
Justin Ridge
Kali Fontecchio
Katie Rice
Leslie Cabarga
Luke McDonnell
Mark Frauenfelder
Mike Maihack
Molly Crabapple
Paul Guinan
Robert Ullman
Ryan Hungerford
Scott Tolleson
Stephanie Gladden
Stephen Silver
The Savanella Sisters
Tracy Mark Lee

Some of the great pieces of artwork you will find in the book:
[Pin-ups by Andrew Pepoy, Scott Tolleson, Brandon Ragnar and Jay Stephens.]
Now what are you waiting for? Go get it! :)

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