Monday, 19 April 2010

Hedvig's sketchbook 2010

[Edit: The Sketchbook is now sold out! They sure went fast this year.]

The all new sketchbook by Hedvig has arrived. Just picked up a box today. As usual she's only printed 50 copies, and as usual I expect these to be gone before the week is over.
Here's a sample of what the interiors looks like.

And the back cover:
It's 28 pages in black and white, with thick color covers. A5 size. The price including postage anywhere in Europe or USA is $10. (Just to cover the expenses for printing and postage.) Each copy will be signed and inscribed if so desired. And best of all, Hedvig will make a drawing in each one. Wadda great deal. :)
Just drop me a mail at: sekvenskonst at if you want one.
(You know you do!)
Or visit our booth at SPX in Stockholm this weekend!




Ivan Johansson said...

cool! gillar dem!

Fredrik Strömberg said...

Missade er helt på SPX. Finns det ngn möjlighet att köpa ikapp? Äger ingen av Hedvigs sketchbooks.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Sorry, de rök snabbt på lördagen. Inga kvar alls.
Samma sak med Emma och Sara #4 och 5.