Tuesday, 27 April 2010

SPX and stuff

Finally back home after a trip to Gothenburg and Stockholm.
Gothenburg to join Hedvig and Stockholm for Small Press Expo.
We spent Saturday in our small booth selling sketchbooks, prints and Emma & Sara comics. Hedvig's sketchbook went fast and by the end of the day we had nothing left to sell. So the Sunday was spent relaxing in Stockholm, walking around, eating icecream in the sunshine.
This means that Hedvig's sketchbook 2010 and Emma & Sara #4 & 5 now are all sold out.
Hedvig made small drawings in the sketchbooks for those who asked, and while I wish I could have made copies of them all, here are two of them.

For some photos from SPX check out Hedvig's blog.

Didn't pick up much comics myself (Hedvig bought a ton of fanzines and books...) but there are two I really want to mention here. First we have the last album in the Valhall series by Peter Madsen & Co. ( Published by Ekholm & Tegebjer. )

A great finale to this album series that has been 30 years in the making. The gods are facing Ragnarok and all things practically goes to hell in this book. Great stuff! Peter Madsen was kind enough to make drawings in all albums. Mine below:

The best looking mini comic at SPX was IMO "Din Själ För En Saga" (Your soul for a tale.) By Daniel Westman. A well told short story (8 pages) with great artwork. Just see for yourself:

I want to see more of his stuff. Much more!

Also got the Jetta book when I got back.
This is the way a reprint book should be done! The reproduction is great and most important of all: the paper quality is perfect, perfect, perfect for this kind of book! Did I say it's perfect?
I hope other publisher sees this and finally stops using glossy paper for reprints of old stuff. (Usually the people choosing paper quality seems to think the shinier and more glossy paper they can get the better...)
To end this post here's mine and Hedvig's pin-up from the Jetta book.
In color!
On perfect paper. :)


Håkan / Wakuran said...

Huh. I don't think Joakim is selling any Buck O'Rue stuff, he was just trying to borrow original artwork to produce a book.

(Not sure if the book ever turned out, but that's another story.)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Duck: "Please do not post my email address online." I sure won't, but you just did it yourself. :)

I don't have the Buck O'Rue stuff myself but Germund and Richard is still working on the book. All the dailies and sundays has been scanned and restored. Most of them mounted in indesign by now. What's left are layouts for the bonus material, preface, covers and ... a publisher.

Duck Dodgers said...

you can delete my post so no one will see the mail address!
Or delete this topoc and re-post it please.
As for Joakim maybe he will trade them in return of other stuff. I got tons of classic cartoons he could be intersted in etc.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Håkan can't delete any comments on my blog. But I now deleted your first one.
Regarding trading Buck O'Rue for other stuff, see my previous post.