Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Barks in '61

Now, it's Wednesday and back into Barks country we go.
Bill Peckmann continues to share some of his treasures.

This time we have Carl Barks second letter to John Verpoorten from March 22, 1961.

And as a bonus: The drawing Barks sent him.

I just learned that it was recently published in the Scandinavian Carl Barks Collection, in black and white. But here it is in color. Just so you get an idea of what the original art looks like.
And as an extra bonus here's the back of the artwork.:)

By now I'm sure to have scared every one not interested in Barks and old Disney stuff away from this blog... ;)
But for you who have read this far, just a little something that I noticed earlier today while looking for something else. Is it just me, or...

Enough duck stuff for today. Back to reality and those dishes that needs to be done and those pages that needs to be inked. It's already evening here in Sweden but the day has just begun.


Bob Lilly said...

Thanks for the great Carl Barks post. Comics are the greatest artform and Carl Barks is a giant among the great cartoonists. See ya soon. Come visit.

Mike Matei said...

It'd be amazing to get a drawing like that in the mail! Keep up the Barks posts!

Also, about the last image.. Lets all keep in mind the artists who drew the covers didn't color them. So lets say the Butter Creams background was in Red instead of Yellow, we probably wouldn't see as much of a connection..

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Thanks for the comments Bob and Mike!

Re. the Donald Duck covers: I'm thinking more of Donalds pose that's been flipped and the design updated for the Mummys Ring cover, than the colors. Bot the colors naturally adds to it.