Thursday, 17 June 2010

Moving to Temecula in '77

Better late than never. Here's the Barks stuff I intended to post yesterday. More rare and previously unseen images from the collection of Bill Peckmann!

Back in 1977 the Barkses were moving to Temecula, CA and sent Bill this card, announcing their move.

Their new residence was this mobile home park. Barks house can be seen in the second image. (Photo from 1979.)

And on November 15, 1977 Carl wrote Bill a letter wich can be seen below. Part of it deals with the waterfowl paintings he did then and how Disney think they have copyright on any humanized ducks. ("Clunkus, bunkus, skunkus" as Barks comments.) And we also get a few snapshots of the paintings.

Next Wednesday we'll jump to 1979 with more photos and letters from Bill Peckmann's collection.

But before that, I have the pleasure to post some pics of Bill's own artwork!
He's been working in the illustration biz for an long time and I hope you enjoy these samples!

[Edit: Bill just sent me the following info about the image above "they are the animation crew of K.C.M.P. Productions, NYC, circa 1980's. (Left to right: Bill Peckmann, Cory Clayton, Ed Klein, Phil Kimmelman, Joe Gray, Mike Baez and Marty Polanski.) At that time we were working on Fanta Soda TV commercials that used Disney characters and we were fortunate enough to work with Disney animator Glen Keane." ]

And finally a proposal for the icehockey team the Might Ducks. :)


Håkan / Wakuran said...

Are the dwarfs based on any real persons?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Håkan: Bill just sent me some info that I inserted below the image.