Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Brotherhood of Billy Goats member 350373

Remember the Barney Google "Brotherhood of Billy Goats" membership card I posted back in 2007?  If not, check it out by clicking HERE.  

Now, what did a member of this secret and mysterious brotherhood look like? 
Wonder no more, cause you're about to find out.
Thanks to Terry Grotefeld who sent me a page from his father's photo album we now know who member 350373 was.
Take it away, Terry:

"My father was a member of the Brotherhood in Chicago in 1925, he was only 19 when he went from England to the USA and worked for Western Electric. He helped install the first talking pictures in America, I believe it was "The Jazz Singer" with Al Jolson."

 "My father died in 1978 and his photo album had been safely tucked away and I decided to copy some of the photos for future generations to see. 
He was in Chicago in 1925 till 1928, during the prohibition and the
Al Capone era. His brother Bill was with him and they took a long trip in a
very early car across America."

"[...] picture of my Father (on the left ) and
some friends all looking a bit like Chicago gangsters."

Thanks for sharing the images of your father, Terry!

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