Sunday, 27 February 2011

Duckburg Art Gallery

Just saw this on eBay:

"The first Duckburg Art Gallery Catalogue . ship to Europe, China, Austrula, New York, Vietnam, all over the world.  There will be over $501,000 worth of Carl Barks Painting pictured in this Catalogue.  I will accept offers of $100 for each catalogue  First Printing due out April 1st 2011  Printing limited to only 1000 each will be certifited and signed by me not  Carl Barks" 

Hmm ... 


Anonymous said...

Maybe a April Fools' joke on April 1?

Anonymous said...

No, looks like someone using his ink-jet to print out low-resolution scans from the net.

I hope Disney's legal department sees this.

Anonymous said...

That's next to Jipan and Nuzelad, right?