Saturday, 3 March 2007

My Secret Romance

You can't hide your love forever.
And I love them all: Irma, Betty, Starlet O'Hara, Fritzi, Veronica, Millie and even Moronica.
You've guessed it, I'm a sucker for late 40's, 50's and 60's romance comics.
When creating the visual style for Emma & Sara I glanced more than one time at the artwork of Dan DeCarlo and Owen Fitzgerald. It just seem so easy the way they did it. Clean artwork with strong poses.
No cluttering, just good artwork to tell the story. Along with Alex Toth, Bob Lubbers, Floyd Gottfredson, Carl Barks and a few others I always return to Dan and Owens artwork when I need inspiration.
Damn, they were good!
Here are a few covers from that stack of comics I always keep in reach when I work.
As always: Click on the photos for larger images.

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