Sunday, 11 March 2007

Russell Patterson Pt.1

Besides having a terrible headache today (Nope, those cute painkiller bunnies doesn't work...) I've scanned a set (20) of Russell Pattersons huge 1920's art instruction sheets. They are just gorgeous. Been thinking about putting them together and print them so that more can enjoy them. (I have the only complete set that I know exist. There are probably more out there but locked up in collections.) But I need the text that went with the graphics I got. Anyone that has ever seen or heard about anyone having a set of the text?
Here's a sample half page from the set I got. The rest looks just as good.

And, oh, I've been watching real live bunnies in the park today.
That was FUN!
I reccommend everyone to get a weekly bunny injection.
Not to mention that I've got the Winnie the Pooh song echoing in my brain. Maybe that's why I've got a headache...

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