Saturday, 22 September 2007

Jens Lekman

Just back from the Jens Lekman gig! He finished playing at Inkonst (right below our Studio) a few minutes ago.
I just have to tell you all how great, great, great it was. A mix between Elvis and Dexy's Midnight Runners with both a horn section and a string section. If you just heard the record I can promise you that seeing him live is a totally different experience. An amazing mix of soul music and pop all whipped upp with swedish sadness and frantic joy!
If Jens plays in a town near you don't miss him!
Now, my head is full of rum and coke and I'm gonna head back into the Malmo night.
See ya tomorraw! OKMNX!


Today I found a 1941 Terry and the Pirates sunday that no one of you has ever seen before.
Now, some of you have all the different collections that has been printed over the years, but... this one isn't in any of those.
I've been hunting this for YEARS! And you know what? It's coming to a blog near you soon! isn't life grand? :)

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