Wednesday, 6 February 2008

SIMONE & AJAX goes Color!

Here's a press release from my friend Andrew.

Andrew Pepoy, probably better known presently as the inker on DC/Vertigo’s “Jack of Fables” and Bongo’s “Futurama”, is writing and drawing all-new stories of “The Adventures of Simone & Ajax” in, for the first time, full color, starting Thursday February 7 exclusively at and entirely for free. Pepoy’s zany tales of a fun-loving 20-year-old girl and her small dinosaur pal ran for several years in the ‘90’s in a variety of anthologies and one issue of their own comic book, prompting one reviewer to describe them as "a bit like the best issues of Cerebus, and a mood that harkens Bone". ComicMix has been re-presenting these stories online each week leading up to the new comics, with the first 3 weeks picking up from the cliffhanger they were left in a few years back and telling the story of “Simone, Queen of the Jungle.” Following that will be serialized the first full-length Simone & Ajax graphic novel, “The Case of the Maltese Duck.” Moving from Saturday to now being updated on Thursdays, all chapters will remain available for free at with print versions planned for later.
Additional news and information can be found at and

Andrew Pepoy’s other credits include writing and drawing the recent revival of “Katy Keene” at Archie Comics, drawing the relaunch of the “Little Orphan Annie” newspaper strip, and inking many comic books, including “Fables”, “Scooby Doo”, “G.I. Joe”, “The X-Men”, “The Simpsons”, and others.

And to wet your appetite here are two sample pages:

The new color stuff begins tomorrow.
Don't miss it!

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