Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Temporal Displacement

I know that there are some Bill Wright fans reading my blog so in addition to the sketches and the work resume I've posted earlier here is a short story by Bill!
First "published" under his own imp-rint "The Imp Press" and titled "Temporal Displacement". I guess this was only copied, stapled and distributed among Bills friends and fans. I don't know how many he printed but I guess very few still exists today.
The story is well worth reading and leaves you thinking about... well just read the story. OK?

For those of you who don't stand big chunks of scanned text, here's a Floyd Gottfredson strip from 1966 on the subject "modern arf" to round off this post.

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Anonymous said...

Wright is right.

As for Gottfredson, I think it's interesting but a bit sad to see his late work. Mickey's reaction in the last frame looks so hostile. And Goofy is so square... And Mickey looks fat in the middle panel... But please keep posting.