Thursday, 28 February 2008

2 cvrs and a sheep

This is what I call a REAL comic book cover! How can you resist it? You just gotta love it!
Drawn by Bob Oksner for the very first issue of Angel and the Ape (Nov-Dec 1968).
Filled with good girl art and a monkey who is a comic strip artist. It's silly and fun, fun, fun. :)

Myself I've drawn a bear, an elephant and a rabbit lately for an interior "cover" to the second Bamse story from 1967. Watch for the finished version in Bamses äventyr #16 out in the summer. I'll begin running the early sunday pages sideways beginning in #15. All having new interior "covers" by yours truly. Buy, buy, buy... ;)

And to round off this post: a japanese sign printed in a swedish newspaper (DN) recently. Enjoy!

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Carl Johansson said...

Mycket spännande serier/illustrationer i denna blogg. Serier jag inte skulle hitta någon annanstans. Följer med intresse.