Monday, 4 February 2008

While you wait

Will upload some Angouleme photos later this evening. But here are some new E&S panels while you wait.
(Pencils by Hedvig and inks by yours truly.)


In a comment to an earlier post Ger Apeldoorn said something that I feel should be read by more than those who reads the comments. I hope you dont mind Ger. Here it goes:
"I have Betsy and Me and I guess the Ketcham book is waiting for me at the shop. I hope it will include his late fifties series for True: "It's only your imagination".

Still, I don't understand Fantagraphics. Why bring out a collection of Betsy and Me and not include all the sundays and call it a complete collection as well! I have one Betsy sunday that wasn't inlcuded, so I had a look and I saw that quite a few dates were missing. and in the accompanying text no starting or closing dates for the sundays were given. Did the sundays stop when the new artist took over?"

Anyone who knows more about Fantagraphics decision to exclude sundays from the book?

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