Monday, 31 March 2008

Some Raymond stuff

Time to pay taxes again. It feels like I earn less and less money and get more and more expenses every year. And the tax papers confirms it. Maybe time to stop buying expensive original art...
Or at least until another nice Crane daily turns up. :)
So this snapshot of me (taken a few weeks ago) inking an Emma & Sara page with cash everywhere doesn't exactly tell the truth anymore. Wish I was rolling in dough everyday, not just on pay day...

BTW: I've just looked at the new Raymond book by Tom Roberts over at Germunds place, and I can tell you that it looks just gorgeous! Loaded with rare art and photos. It's really a "must have"!
Me want it now...

And speaking of Raymond, here are two pieces I've found on microfilm. (Dunno if they are in the book or not.)

First a short bio from "The Bradford Era" June 27, 1946.

Then a teaser from "Waterloo Sunday Courier" March 10, 1946.
(I know the image is often reprinted but I hadn't seen the ad itself before.)


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Magica De Hex said...

Joakim von Anka vid ritbordet? :P Muchos moneys!