Monday, 5 January 2009


Two daily strips published on the same date in 1939: August 12.

The first one is obviously a Mickey Mouse daily by Floyd Gottfredson and Bill Wright, featuring the Blot.
But the second one is the less familar Inspector Wade. "The Feathered Serpent" looks a lot like the Blot, I'd say...
Now, the Blot first appeared in May 1939. I wonder when the Serpent first showed his black hood? Before or after the Blot first appeared?
My friend Germund von Wowern found this strip and will (hopefully) research further. If he comes up with more info I'll post it on the blog.


HenriekeG said...


Off topic, but maybe you'll like this:
It's the news from last night, take a look at 11:35.

Anonymous said...

My computer says I'm lacking "application/x-mplayer2".
And since I have no idea what to do about that I can't watch it. :(
But maybe you can tell me what I'm missing?

(Or if some one knows how to get a "application/x-mplayer2" you are welcome to post a link here.)

Germund said...

Reg. the news episode, is this a new comic strip publication or a news flash about a classic magazine? (My Dutch is a little rusty - cough cough) In additon to the main feature, I saw lots of Donald Duck, some Havank, some Spirou, but not enough to get the whole picture.

Anonymous said...

I don't know when the hooded character made his first apparition, but episode dates are:
July 3 1939 - September 23 1939


Anonymous said...

BTW, Mickey Mouse vs Blot dates are:
May 20 1939 - September 9 1939
(and Blot appears very early)


Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Thanks for the info, Fortunato!
That means the Blot came first. Unless the Serpent already had appeared in an earlier Inspector Wade storyline...

Anonymous said...

Aren't masked characters like that somewhat of stock characters? When was the B/W version of Tintin: "Cigars of the Pharao" first published? (The one with the mark of Kih-Oskh cult.)

Gianfranco Goria said...

Tintin Cigars: December 8, 1932 - February 8, 1934