Monday, 12 January 2009

Murry for sale.

Have spent the weekend with my girlfriend and have been too busy watching movies, taking walks and doing other fun stuff to even think about blogging. And today I just feel too lazy to write or upload anything. Well, I changed my profile pic to the right to a really nerdy one... (Sat down to study Harvey Eisenbergs Tom & Jerry as you can see. Anyone got an original page by him for sale? Or any other early Dell funny animal pages?)

BTW: Got a message from Ulrich Merkel who told me that he's got a really nice five page sequence from the Paul Murry serial "The Case of the Talkning Toth" (WDC 391, 1973) for sale. For a large size scan and other nice stuff (Pogo, Rip Kirby etc.) for sale check out his CAF gallery.


Anonymous said...


It is some years ago, howver is the Murry art still for sale?

Best regards,

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Lars: The pages were not mine, so I don't know.