Monday, 5 January 2009


Big Fun #6 is now for sale over at American Comic Archive! In this issue we find the never before reprinted Scorchy Smith strips by Bert Christman and Frank Robbins.* It covers April 12 - December, 1937 and May 22 - December 23, 1939. I guess the strips between those dates are missing?
I really hope we'll se the end of Christmans run in an upcoming issue. He was really good when he quit. The Robbins strips in this issue are so early that you really can't tell that they are by him. His style matured during his run on Scorchy and I hope we'll see the rest of his strips too.
But until then: Buy! Buy! Buy! :)

*Yes I know they were reprinted in Famous funnies during the 40's. But those cut up and re-lettered versions doesn't count...

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Anonymous said...

Bert Christman was killed in action January 1942 as part of the American Voluteers group (Flying Tigers) in Burma. He continued drawing strips until his death. He had done art and plot for a new strip that was never completed. They are owned by The Fort Collins, Colorado Local History Archive.