Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Carl Barks tablet

[Edit: The image is, of course, taken from the Golden Helmet cover. Thanks, Francesco! I've probably seen that cover so many times I've become "blind" to it. You see, I have a copy of it on my fridge... This is really embarrasing... :)]
I recently bought this Mickey Mouse club drawing tablet on eBay. The cover is by Carl Barks and the image of Donald Duck looks familar, but I just can't pin-point where I've seen it before. Maybe as a logo for Taliaferro DD strips reprinted in WDC?

Any Donaldist out there who knows wich story this image is taken from?
Or was this a drawing made especially for this tablet and later re-used in WDC as a logo for the Taliaferro strips?

Now I just gotta draw some neat ducks in that tablet... ;)

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