Monday, 25 May 2009

Me, me, me

My girlfriend usually complains that there are too many pics of old illustrations and scans of old newspaper comics on my blog, and too little about me and my own artwork.
Well... I found some old newspaper articles about me and decided to post them on the blog. They are all in Swedish and I hope the journalists don't mind me posting them here. (If not, I'll remove them ASAP.)
The first one is from 2006. I was interviewed during the Gothenburg bookfair and while I wanted to talk about my own comics there's a lot of talk about Bamse. (The childrens comic book I work as an editor for.)
Nowdays I'm not allowed to talk to any journalist about my work on Bamse.
But that's another story...

PS. A summary about myself for those interested can be found HERE. And if you use the "My artwork" label you can find some drawings I've done...

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