Saturday, 23 May 2009

Earl Oliver Hurst originals

Before continuing with the two final pages by Hurst from the Forty Illustrators-book I want to share my original Hurst art with you.

The first time I saw a Hurst piece was on Shane Glines old website. (This must have been 8-9 years ago or so. Shanes site was also the place where I saw the artwork of Russell Patterson for the first time. Both artists blew me away. And so did the artwork of Shane himself I must add. Check out his if you havn't already) Soon thereafter I purchased an original Collier's color preliminary on eBay and quickly bought two more from the same seller.

I havn't been able to track down any finished version of the yellow one. (This prelim. was published in the "Art of" book in 2005.) But the one with the couple painting the ship was made into a finished cover painting. Never seen it in print but the original was sold by Illustration House long ago.

My fourth original Hurst is this Saturday Home Magazine cover painting that I bought from Shane. It should be noted that the signature to the left is not made by Hurst himself. A part of the original signature is visible in the right bottom corner of the original art. I guess this change was made before the cover was printed so that he signature wouldn't be cropped on the printed cover.

To end this post is a Hurst prelim that I don't own myself.

This was printed on a flyer from Stuart NG books many years ago. (I hope the owner don't mind me posting it here.) It looks like it might be from the same session as my yellow cover. In that case Hurst might have been toying around with the title "A Great Catch". But that's just a guess.

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