Friday, 15 January 2010

Hedvig's birthday! :)

Today is my girlfriend Hedvig's birthday! :)
If you feel like it, drop by her blog and say hi. And at the same time you can check out some nifty pieces of artwork. Like these. Enjoy!

Now, I gotta rush downtown to meet her after work. Then it's out for a few drinks and a dinner. So long!


Hedvig said...

Ta bort den översta bilden!!! TA BOOORT!!!!! XD

David said...

She's beautiful and draws beautifully.. so congratulations to both of you! If there's some grammatical error... eeer..sorry for my English.

Goran S said...

"TA BOOORT!!!!!"

För sent. Mwahahahahah!

(Allvarligt talat, inte är den så hemsk.)