Sunday, 17 January 2010

Looking for Krazy Kat!

A few words from Craig Yoe:

"My book, Krazy Kat & The Art of George Herriman: A Celebration, is
quickly speeding toward completion--it's almost wrapped up! Tons of
original strip art, drawings, illustrated letters, photos of Herriman,
vintage articles, paintings including many, many jaw-dropping
unpublished pieces. This will be a large format coffetable art book published by Abrams. Introduction by Bill Watterson.

If you would like your Herriman piece to be included you should
contact me immediately. Unpublished pieces of course especially
welcomed. Hand colored strips--yay! Exceptional Sundays originals (I
know, they all are, but we have quite a few and now looking for the
creme de la creme). I really could use more dailies. My editor would
like more art in general with brick throwing! Any very rare vintage
rare newspaper or magazine articles--greatly desired. Rare Herriman
photos, and Krazy Kat toys and animation material, too.

Please spread the word on this to anyone you know with Herriman art or artifacts and
have them get in touch with me. Thanks to the many
collectors, museums and institutions who have already made generous
efforts to contribute to this book--I am most grateful. Please spread the news. Thank you deeply,--Craig Yoe
yoecomix at hotmail dot com"

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