Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sept 15, 1955

Wednesday = Barksday!

Today we have a follow up to two earlier posts (Check HERE and HERE.)
In those I asked the question what this cover originally had looked like.

And I made a rough suggestion.

Well, two and a half years later we are getting just a little closer to the answer.
Take a look at Barks payment records below.

On September 15, 1955 we have an entry for a cover labeled as "Kids Blow Cake Apart".
This doesn't explain why the artwork was altered, but now we know what was supposed to happen to the cake. :)
Also note that he was paid $67,50 for the other two covers listed. But only $50 for the cover to Donald Duck 46. Was this because he only did artwork or because the editors had to revise the art?

Now, back to civilization...

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Mike Matei said...

It's really funny that you're posting about the Hondorica issue. Because I was literally holding it when I clicked on the blog today. Talking to David