Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bill, John, Carl and Garé

Wednesday = Barksday.

Continuing the Barks posts with more stuff from Bill Peckmann's collection.

Let's continue where we left off last time. At Barks home in Goleta, 1972. This time with two fans from NYC.

Here's what Bill has to say about the photos above:
"The top photo is of your's truly and the bottom photo is of my very good friend John Verpoorten. We became friends in High School because of our love of the "Good" Duck artist (we didn't know his name at that time). We then had the terrific great fortune of visiting the Barks' in '69, '72 and '76. John died in 1977, at that time he was production manager of Marvel Comics. Still miss him to this day."

John was one of the very first fans to get Carl's address from Whitman publishing. Here we can see the letter he got from Alice Cobb in October, 1960.

John wasted no time and wrote Barks a letter. And got a fast reply! This is the very first letter he recieved from him in December, 1960.

More letters to follow.

But what's a Barks post without some ducks?
Here's a nice Barks oil that Bill mailed me.


Andrea said...

I could not help to notice that the ducks are reading a WDCS who's cover was originally a Strobl one. Would you think this as an homage to him? Maybe just chance...

Are Myklebust said...

Just for the record; The cover is from WDC&S # 239, August 1960.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Barks is so depreciating about his work in the 60's even at the time of its creation, and that he held his previous work in higher regard. He was right of course, but it's more common that you realize in retrospect that your work is not up to par, and not while you're doing it.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Barks would pay homage to Strobl even though it's a nice thought. I think Barks felt that his work was superior to his contemporary colleagues.

Mike Matei said...

I guess in 1960 Carl didn't yet know they were destroying all the art. =(