Sunday, 2 May 2010

Old stuff from the closet

Flashback to the late 90's. I had just finished artscool and wanted to become a Disney artist. Unlike most other wannabees my goal wasn't to draw the ducks. No, my goal was to write and draw Li'l Bad Wolf like Harvey Eisenberg and Mickey Mouse like Gottfredson and Scarpa. And maybe, maybe try to draw Donald Duck, but more in the style of Taliaferro than Barks. I felt there were already so many Duck artists out there doing the Barks thing that I felt I couldn't compete anyway.
But as things turned out I didn't end up as a Disney artist. Instead I began working more and more for BAMSE and I still am...

Today I was going through some envelopes and found the stuff I did back then. Thought I should show you some of it. A drawing inspired by an old Scarpa story and then some sample pages. Some inked and some half finished. Aw, how much fun it was doing these...

Now, time to put these back in the closet and get some work done today. Have to dump some electronic junk, clean up in the studio, write some scripts and a zillion other things.

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