Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Here's an original Mickey Mouse page by Paul Murry from my collection. It's taken from the first part of "Message in a Nutshell" in WDC 380, 1972.

Picked it up from Don Ault many years ago. He probably got it, along with the rest of the pages from this part, from Del Connell in the early 70's.
(If you got an original Murry page yourself, you should give Don your regards. He told Connell back then that Murry's pages really should be in museums rather than burned. And so, If I got it right, Del saved a lot of them himself and returned some to Murry. That's how the Murry pages from the 70's and 80's survived.)

Now, besides beeing a nice 70's Murry page there's something I've enjoyed with it since I first got it. You can tell that Murry felt that this scene was boring as it left no space for action or scenery.
What to do then? Let's do it as quick as possible and move on to the next page.
How to do it? Let's use the same faces over and over again. :)
If you didn't catch it while looking at the full page, here's a "summary".
Enjoy! :)


Puck said...

he he! Brilliant.

Francoisw said...

Not the first time Murry did this. Check the GOs in the first panels of the first and last gag pages of OS 952:

Joakim. said...

Ha, ha!
He sure knew his shortcuts. :)
But they worked!

Gabriel said...

Good catch!