Saturday, 8 May 2010

F is for Fake, G is for Greco.

Oh, my... Remember the drawings from The Gallery on Baum that I featured here last year? The guy behind it all, Tony Greco is still in the business of selling his fake "art". Check out an article from the Post-Gazette HERE.
Thanks to Mike Lynch's blog for the link!

Hmmm... would you buy this orignal Fake ... eh... I mean Frank Thomas drawing?
If so, don't forget to check out the new, hilarious fake drawings that are bound to fool at least some unfortunate collectors on eBay... Click HERE.
The most amazing thing is that he's got 100% positive feedback!!!


PS. Don't miss the hilarious "Chasing the "Kaufmann" article that Mike links to in his Tony Greco post. It's pure entertainment. :)


Smurfswacker said...

Geeze, I can't believe this yahoo is still in business. A year ago, when you first posted some of this stuff, I wrote a "knowledgeable professional" letter to ebay urging them to get someone with real knowledge (like Heritage Auctions) to evaluate at least the more egregious fakes. I heard nothing back, of course. And Greco rides on...

I suspect that ebay has built its empire by taking care of its sellers first and foremost, even if it means letting their buyers be screwed. I imagine Greco's priceless collection gives them plenty of commission revenue. But damn! it bugs me to see not just fakes, but crappy schoolkid fakes, sold as authentic because "nobody can prove a thing on me."

Francoisw said...

Previously it was possible to contact the buyers, so they could act before it was too late, or leave public messages.
I know see that this is impossible, and that the buyer name is anonymized.
At one time I had the inducks server recognizing images that were hotlinked from EBay, and replacing them with a warning image with texts explaining that EBay was profiting of these sales without doing anything against it. Maybe I should have this back :)