Thursday 29 January 2009


I've been researching the Swedish comic strip Brum and just thought I'd share a few samples of the strip.
It was created in 1943 by Runé Andréasson, the man behind Bamse. And here we can see the very first strip. It was published early 1944, but the version seen here is a slightly altered reprint from a later date.
Then a big jump to the 1960's when the strip was at it's peak.

The strip ended in the late 60's and here we have a strip from the last adventure: Brum i gottlandet (Brum in candyland). Some of you might recognise Lakritstrollet from Rune Andréassons other comic Pellefant.He actually made this story in 1948 but shelved it and re drew it as the last adventure. The original unpublished version will be printed in Bamse-biblioteket volume 30. (Hardcover book collecting old Bamse comics and rare stuff by Rune.)
The Candyland strip is followed by the very last strip.

Please check out both Bamse-biblioteket vol 29 and 30 for large bonus sections with lots of rare Brum material. I think 29 is out any day now and 30 in a few months.

Rip Kirby

In case you havn't read about the upcoming Rip Kirby books, here's a link.

Fix & Spirou

Just a weird cover I found on the net...

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Two drawings and a strip

Having been very busy with work the past week. And I'm still swamped with stuff to do. Feels like all work and no play.
And today I'm just mad at Winsor & Newton for not making good brushes. Bought two and one split within 10 seconds. The other acts weird and drives me mad, mad, mad. Frustrating to have a deadline and only working with tools that makes your work look like junk... Groan...

Found some black and white pieces I did a few weeks ago that I had meant to upload but forgot about.
So here they are:
The first is just an attempt at drawing in a different style.

This is Morris from "Nils the Cat". Done with brush instead of with a nib, as I usually use for the cats.

And here is one attempt at drawing a "Nils the Cat" strip all by myself. I'm usually just writing and inking the strip (With Johanna K. doing the pencils.) but I did this one for fun. You can tell that I'm not the regular artist since I'm pretty much off model on every pose. But still... It was fun to do. :)

Friday 23 January 2009

June 25, 1943

Thanks to my friend Germund, who placed a bid on eBay when I wasn't able to do it, this Leslie Turner "Wash Tubbs" daily from 1943 will soon be in my collection. A larger scan will follow when it arrives. :)

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Cartoonists Convention 1931

Now here's a radioshow that I want to hear.

This was found in a newspaper dated Sept 13, 1931. Any old time radio fans out there who knows if this exists somewhere?

Friday 16 January 2009


Issue 5 of the swedish Agent X9 this year will run a Secret Agent X9 (Agent Kelly in Swedish) story by Mel Graff from 1952.
But... now let's see what you have to say about the artwork posted here:

The adventure begins on February 16 with Wilda (Anne) giving birth to Philda (Paula) and the strip is signed by Graff. On Feb 22 Phil (Paul) says to Wilda that he's going away on a mission.
Then between Feb 25 and April 5 the strips are unsigned. And it's two of thise you can see above. Then on April 7 we are back where we left off on Feb 22. Looks like this is one of the fill in stories that Paul Norris did. But since I'm no expert on Norris style it woild jut be fun to see if anyone can confirm that this is one of his stories.

Before leaving the subject of Secret Agent X9 I have to show you these two panels from the sequence that ends this adventure. What you see are aged versions of Phil Corrigan and Wilda. :)

Thursday 15 January 2009

Hedvig :)

Guess who's celebrating her birthday today?
One guess, guess who. :)

Yes, it's Hedvig.
And here she is growing hands out of her hair. :)

Happy birthday, H!

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Heinz soup

Here's something odd that probably only the most hardcore Floyd Gottfredson fans have seen. A piece of advertising art for Heinz soup. I'd date this to the early/mid 70's. Probably the only time he did Donald Ducks nephews.
This artwork was for sale at a web animation gallery some six - seven years ago. Maybe it's still there. Unfortunately I can't remember wich gallery it was...

Monday 12 January 2009

Murry for sale.

Have spent the weekend with my girlfriend and have been too busy watching movies, taking walks and doing other fun stuff to even think about blogging. And today I just feel too lazy to write or upload anything. Well, I changed my profile pic to the right to a really nerdy one... (Sat down to study Harvey Eisenbergs Tom & Jerry as you can see. Anyone got an original page by him for sale? Or any other early Dell funny animal pages?)

BTW: Got a message from Ulrich Merkel who told me that he's got a really nice five page sequence from the Paul Murry serial "The Case of the Talkning Toth" (WDC 391, 1973) for sale. For a large size scan and other nice stuff (Pogo, Rip Kirby etc.) for sale check out his CAF gallery.

Thursday 8 January 2009

Dick Moores dailies

Here are the Dick Moores artwork, as promised.
All dailies below are from 1938.

The main reason for showing Moores Jim Hardy strips here today (Besides tha fact that I like his stuff) is that my friend Germund wants to get in touch with people who:
Worked with him or knew him.
Have met him and have stories to share.
If you have letters from him etc.
Germund is working on a (at the time beeing secret) project and would like to get in touch with you if you can help him with any of the above. (Hey, I'm sure he likes to hear from any Moores fan.)
He can be reached via mail
germund_vw at

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Hmm... just tried to upload images. Some trouble with blogger. Will have to wait until tomorrow. But, then as promised some nice Dick Moores artwork. Hopefully...

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Spirit + Ebony = True

I think this Spirit panel speaks for itself.

Taken from one of the last Spirit dailies dated March 7, 1944.

Coming up tomorrow: some nice 1940's artwork by Dick Moores!

Monday 5 January 2009


Big Fun #6 is now for sale over at American Comic Archive! In this issue we find the never before reprinted Scorchy Smith strips by Bert Christman and Frank Robbins.* It covers April 12 - December, 1937 and May 22 - December 23, 1939. I guess the strips between those dates are missing?
I really hope we'll se the end of Christmans run in an upcoming issue. He was really good when he quit. The Robbins strips in this issue are so early that you really can't tell that they are by him. His style matured during his run on Scorchy and I hope we'll see the rest of his strips too.
But until then: Buy! Buy! Buy! :)

*Yes I know they were reprinted in Famous funnies during the 40's. But those cut up and re-lettered versions doesn't count...


Two daily strips published on the same date in 1939: August 12.

The first one is obviously a Mickey Mouse daily by Floyd Gottfredson and Bill Wright, featuring the Blot.
But the second one is the less familar Inspector Wade. "The Feathered Serpent" looks a lot like the Blot, I'd say...
Now, the Blot first appeared in May 1939. I wonder when the Serpent first showed his black hood? Before or after the Blot first appeared?
My friend Germund von Wowern found this strip and will (hopefully) research further. If he comes up with more info I'll post it on the blog.

Sunday 4 January 2009

Chocolate dreams

Just finished inking the latest E&S page. It was drawn by Hedvig and I just have to share this dream sequence with you. This is what happens if you eat too much chocolate. :)

Friday 2 January 2009

Gottfredson sketch

Just added a previously unseen Floyd Gottfredson piece to my Comic Art Fans gallery.
If you have any unpublished sketches or documents by Gottfredson that you want to trade for scans or prints of what I have, please let me know. I'm especially interested in story notes and sketches from his "Mark O'Polo". (Wich I BTW have plenty of sketches from.) My mail address is
sekvenskonst at telia com

Fred Ray 1943

Thanks to my friend Germund von Wowern here are some Fred Ray illustrations from The Daily Mail, August 10 1943.