Wednesday 30 September 2009

Felix in Utopia

Here's another teaser of what's out there, for those of you who are Felix fans.
These are from one of the best adventures: "Felix in Utopia". Werner Wejp-Olsen's take on Orwells 1984.

Tuesday 29 September 2009

Patsy 1937

Just a break from the "Felix week" to show you some of the Adventures of Patsy I scanned today.
I'm now doing 1937 and Graff is really doing some impressive Noel Sickles influenced type of work.
I just have to share these fresh scans with the (few but devoted) Mel Graff fans out there. :)

Monday 28 September 2009

Felix week - Part I

I guess this post only will be of interest to the Swedish and Danish readers, but anyway...

This weekend the creator of Felix, Jan Lööf, visited Gothenburg and the Bookfair.
That made me think of the OTHER Felix artist. Most scandinavians are familar with Lööf's original version of Felix, but seems to have forgotten that Felix actually continued long after he left the strip.
The artist/writer that succeded him was Werner Wejp-Olsen and it was his version of the strip that ran in the papers when I was a kid. I remember saving the strips from the newspaper and I read them over and over and again.
Until I was 10 or so.
My birthday party was coming up and I was ashamed of having a comic strip collection.
So I took all the strips I had saved (Since I was 5!) and threw them all away... I think I had more than 75% of Wejp-Olsens run. Sigh...
But a few years ago I got hold of a collection that included tearsheets of many of the stories I enjoyed as a kid.
Only a few of his stories was reprinted in albums in the early 80's. This post and the upcoming Felix posts will show strips from the unreprinted stories. Just to make some of you bug the publishers to reprint them. ;)

Here we go. Some strips from the Van Gook story. (Felix #16) Notice two familar faces showing up at the end of the story.
(I'm just too tired to write something substantial about Felix today. I save that for later. Until then, read and enjoy.)

Unfortunately I don't have any 100% complete adventures. So if you got tearsheets to loan or sell I'd be happy to hear from you. :)

Saturday 26 September 2009

quick update

In case you wonder why the blog isn't updated, I'm at the Gothenburg bookfair.
Left earlier this week and won't be back until monday.
I'm currently at my girlfriend's aparment waiting for her to put on her make-up so that we can leave for breakfast somewhere downtown.
Then it's back to the crowded bookfair... :)


Monday 21 September 2009

Barney Google - WSUN membership card

Remember that Barney Google membership card I got back in 2007? No?
Well check out these posts first: OKMNX! and OK Ham and Eggs!

Then have a look at this. :)

A card issued for the Radio Chapter No. 1 WSUN. I had no idea these existed until I stumbled upon one on eBay. (Notice the image of Barney doing the secret sign in light yellow behind the text.)

Now, I just gotta find a Nanny Goats membership card.:)

Sunday 20 September 2009

Comic-Con 2010

Hedvig and I just booked the flight and made our Hotel reservations! It's been many years since last time, but next year I'll be back! Already looking forward to meet old friends and to make some new. :)

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Here's to Hank! Part II

Some more pieces from the Hank Porter book.

Dick Moores:

Jack Cutting:

Harvey ?:

Joe Reddy:

And last but not least, the maestro, Floyd Gottfredson:

BTW: There's an even more amazing book filled with original artwork for sale right now. Just click HERE! (Thanks to Didier at the Disney History blog for pointing it out.)
One of my favourite pieces in that book is by Bob Gesteland. An artist I've never heard about before. But he sure could draw...

Sunday 13 September 2009

Here's to Hank! Part I

A few weeks ago a bok filled with drawings by various Disney Studio artists was sold on eBay. The book was given to Hank Porter who was in hospital at the time.
Some pieces are really good and some are of lesser quality, but I decided to post all of the images I found on eBay here anyway. (Not all of the pages were shown in the auction.)
It's dated February 1949 and I hope yopu enjoy this unusual piece of Disney history. (I didn't win it but I hope the current owner don't mind me posting these images here.)

This looks like the handwriting of Floyd Gottfredson:

Al Taliaferro:

Frank Reilly:

Manuel "Gonzy" Gonzales:

Bill (?) Walsh:

This was only the first half of the book. Watch out for more in a day or two. :)

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Gus and Gussie

Just picked up two sets of Gus and Gussie by Paul Fung on eBay.
If there's anyone else out there collecting Fung stuff, feel free to drop me a line!
I'm just happy to share the strips I got and I'm always looking for tearsheets/copies to fill the gaps in my collection.


Tuesday 8 September 2009

Stupid mistake...

As some of you know I work as an editor at Egmont in Sweden and one of my books is "Bamses Äventyr". For issue 24 I had written two special pages about two of the stories, as a bonus for readers wanting to know more about the stories behind the stories.
However, I made a stupid mistake and sent off 98 pages to the printer instead of the usual 96...
What to do? Two pages had to go and the easiest solution was to simply remove these.
But here they are!
(These are probably of no interest for the majority of the readers of this blog, but it felt like a waste not using them anywhere.)

Monday 7 September 2009

Patsy, January 1937

Still scanning Adventures of Patsy dailies by Mel Graff... Unfortunately these 1937 strips are a bit "butchered". But still better than nothing. :)
If you're not familar with the strip please check out the samples below. They are from January 1937 and Patsy has now arrived in Hollywood. Please notice that these are only my unretouched scans. However, I doubt I'll restore these since they were cropped by the newspaper. Enjoy!

PS. The name "Joe Kaplan" sounds familar. Anyone who knows who Graff was refering to?

Saturday 5 September 2009

Big Fun #7 (Scorchy Smith)

Big Fun #7 is hot off the presses!
Scorchy Smith by Bert Christman and Frank Robbins!
132 pages for only $16.
Go to American Comic Archive to order.

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Three Bamse covers

It's been a busy week so far, and still two days more before the weekend. Not much time to blog on, but I thought I should share some upcoming Bamse covers. Might be of interest to some. (?)

First out is a 128 page giant featuring reprints of Bamse's time travelling stories from 1999 and 2000. It will be released on October 15 and has a new cover roughed by yours truy and with pencils and ink by Ted Johansson. Color by Lise Jörgensen.

Then we have two covers for the regular comic book.
#13/09 will be on sale next week and #14/09 on September 29.
(My roughs, Lars Bällsten's pencils, Bernt Hanson's inks and Lise Jörgensen's coloring on both. Only my layout roughs and the finished colored covers shown here.)

[Edit: The cover above was recently voted "Best Bamse cover of 2009". :) ]

Now, I gotta rush to work. It's already past eight a clock in the morning here in Sweden and "I'm late, I'm late" as the white rabbit said before he jumped through the rabbits hole...