Wednesday 28 September 2011

The duck who came to dinner

A li'l teaser for the story formerly known as CS CBVO  1.
To be published in just three weeks.

More info to come when it's released. :)

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Walt and a Ward

Here are a few photos of Walt Disney I recently scanned.
Some are common, some are not.

First we have an image that was used when reporting about Walts death. Published in Europe in early 1967. 

This one is nicer. Date unknown. (But I guess that guys like Mike Barrier and Didier Ghez will have no trouble to spot when and where it was taken.)

Two "classic" images of Walt and Mickey:

And to round off this post, a seldom seen photo from 1960 featuring Walt and Christina Blomquist. (Daughter of Sten Blomquist at Mickey Mouse Corporation in Stockholm.)
[Edit: Got the year from the back of the photo. Researcher Simon Bülow tells me he's seen a similar photo in newspaper Dagens Nyheter 1959. So that's more likely to be the right year.)

And, oh, I promised you a Ward too.
So here he is.
Ward with an aWard!

Monday 19 September 2011

Uncle Rich and Riche Scrooge

Caught this image of the original art to Richie Rich Millions #8 on the net a few months ago. Looks familiar, doesn't it?

Yeah, the idea was lifted from Uncle Scrooge #8, 1953 with cover art by Carl Barks.

Coincidence? Maybe.
Or maybe not... :)
Uncle Scrooge #12 and Richie Rich Millions #22

[Images of comic book covers taken from the Grand Comic Book Database.]

Update Oct 1: Peter Kylling just added a gallery of more Uncle Scrooge and Richie Rich covers on his Carl Barks site. Just click HERE to view it.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Rare Scarbo - Closeup and Comedy

Toby Wing by George Scarbo

What a delight it is to find something you never heard about before, by one of your favorite cartoonists. Thats what happened to me last week, when scanning a set of dailies from 1934. On the back of 8 strips there were parts of a feature called "Closeup and Comedy" by Dan Thomas and George Scarbo! Yep, the guy who did "Comic Zoo".
Here's what I found. Enjoy!

OSU only got about 100 C&C from 1935 in their collection, so I guess it's pretty rare. Too bad since Scarbo really did some great artwork in the 30's. Here's a sample taken from their site.