Monday 29 July 2013

Artist identification day

Here are two samples from an "Adventures of Tom" story that we plan to reprint later this year. (T&J #74) Now it looks like the work of Cecil Surry. But we are not sure.
Anyone who knows? Alberto? :)

Sunday 28 July 2013

Allan Kämpe is born!

Now, check this out!
Back in the 40's a rival to Alex Raymond's "Flash Gordon" was created in Sweden. The name of the comic was "Allan Kämpe" and the creator Eugen Semitjov. In this silent "documentary" short we get to see Eugen working in his studio and visiting the syndicate.

I never heard about this piece until today. What an amazing find.
Thanks to J. Smith and "Eugen Semitjovs Minnesfond" for restoring and uploading this historical piece!

Barks at Berkeley Con '73

Here's a gem that I just got from Alex Jay!
Don Ault's "On Carl Barks" from the Berkeley Con '73 program book. Enjoy!

For more of Don Ault on Carl Barks check out his interview book! Just click HERE to get it.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Goofy turns 37

Del Connell and Floyd Gottfredson sure kept track of things.
Like here, when Goofy realizes he forgot his own birthday (May 25) in this daily from May 29, 1969.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

True Life Adv. and more

James Bohn asked on the Disney History Institute Facebook page if I could post some of the "True Life Adventures" proofs found in the Frank Reilly envelope. Why not? Here are a few pics I took earlier today. Enjoy!

According to INDUCKS these were written by Dick Huemer and drawn by George Wheeler.

And while I had that drawer open I took a few more snapshots of things in the Bill Wright collection. I guess you can tell why that eBay lot was a "must have". :)

Monday 8 July 2013

The Imp Press - Part III

Some ten years ago or more there was an eBay auction that caught my eye. A lot featuring items that once belonged to Disney artist Bill Wright. And not just any items. Proofsheets and tearsheets to Mickey dailies + sundays and most interesting: A set of proofs to the Uncle Remus sundays drawn by Paul Murry and later Dick Moores. My friend and colleauge Germund had also spotted the lot so we decided to go "all in" on it. We just had to have it.
And we won!

Here are a few snapshots of what was in that lot, focusing on Bills own stuff. Enjoy!

Two late Mickey Mouse sundays drawn by Bill:

The "cover" to a collection of Brer Rabbit tearsheets.

Two "books" of Mickey Mouse dailies by Gottfredson numbered 49 and 56. I wonder where the other books ended up.

The first Brer Rabbit sunday proof. Drawn by Paul Murry.

This scan is courtesy of Bill Peckmann. 
Also: Check out the story "Temporal Displacement", published by the Imp Press and posted HERE.

Here's something I found in my drawer while looking for the above Bill Wright items. An envelope addressed to Frank Reilly - Bill's old boss at the Comic Strip Dept.
Question: what does the following codes stand for?
Any Disney Studio expert out there who can enlighten the rest of us? :)

More from the Bill Wright collection and some snapshots of the True Life Adventures proofs found in the ablove envelope can be seen by clicking HERE.