Friday 29 October 2010

Wheaties Disney Comics & ads

Don't know what kind of mask to wear on Halloween? This ad will make you wish you had a time machine. Then you could go back in time to get this frightening Donald Duck mask from Wheaties.

Scary, eh? I wonder if it was meant for kids to wear, or parents to scare the kids from reading comics...

Here are two more Wheaties ads. I think I found these photos on eBay earlier this year. And while the comic books can easily be found (If you have the money) I bet these ads are pretty rare.

While googling for more on these Wheaties I found a nice set with the original envelope HERE at [Click to enlarge.]

They also have three other sets for those of you who are rich and/or have lot's o' cash to spend. ;)

Even more Disney/Wheaties rare stuff can be found here:

Now, can we please have a complete book with all of the rare Wheaties and Cheerios Disney giveaways (Including the 3D books.) in facsimile? With bonusmaterial.
Thanks! :)

Update - Alfapojken

Back in May I showed a glimpse of the project I and Hedvig were working on. (And we still are, just trying to squeze in a page every now and then in our busy scedules.)
Now it can be told what it is.
It's a chapter in Daniel Ahlgren's next SH3 book! And here are a few pages from that story as a teaser:

Besides me and Hedvig there are a few other artists on board this project. Lars Krantz and Jimmy Wallin will also do one story each and Daniel will illustrate one chapter himself.

The story I and Hedvig are working on (Alfapojken wich is Alfaboy in english.) will be released as a single issue in the spring.

Sunday 24 October 2010

Duck Tales pencils.

Thanks to Gerben Valkema; Here's Daan Jippes pencils to the Duck Tales poster I posted last week. Enjoy!

Thursday 21 October 2010

Frightful Frankenstein Friday!

To celebrate the release of Craig Yoe's new book
"Dick Briefer's Frankenstein" it's:
Frightful Frankenstein Friday!

Today a number of bloggers will bring you samples from the new book.
I've chosen the story "Mananimals" and after you've read the story you can follow the links to read even more. Or buy the book! :)

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This video of Craig being interviewed about the Frankenstein book at the NY Comic Con was just posted on YouTube.

Extra bonus:
A fan pic of editor Craig Yoe!

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Two Mickeys by Gottfredson

It's been a long time since I posted any "new" Gottfredson watercolor artwork. Since last time two more pieces has turned up. Both small portraits of Mickey and pretty similar. Enjoy!

[If you are aware of any Gottfredson watercolor not featured on this blog or in Willits book, please let me know as I'd love to see them.]

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Wolverton's Bingbang Buster & Hedy

Any Basil Wolverton fans out there?
Bill Peckmann has just sent me an odd story by him. And here's what Bill has to say about it.

"Here's a curiosity piece if any one's interested. (I finally dug out my collection of favorite western comics.),
In 1949 Basil Wolverton introduced his character Bingbang Buster and his horse Hedy in Black Diamond Western #16. To me, it is a real precursor to Mad comics, just loved this insert feature as a kid. Remember this is almost 3 years before Mad, note the Bill Elder type signs.
Thought you'd like to see it since Black Diamond seems to fly under everyone's radar."

Now, Enjoy! :)

Sunday 17 October 2010

Floyd Gottfredson Library vol 1

Some great news: The first volume of the Floyd Gottfredson Library, or Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: "Race to Death Valley" (Vol. 1) as it seems to be titled, is now available for pre-order at Amazon.
260 pages and a release date in May 2011.
While the cover design leaves a lot to be desired it sure looks better than the old Gemstone version. But I guess that what we see is a work-in-progress dummy. I'm sure this will be a great book and I'm looking forward to it, and the following volumes!

Saturday 16 October 2010

Original E. Simms Campbell art and more

Earlier this week I got a mail from a John Bender telling me he had an original E. Simms Campbell illustration for sale. Here's what he wrote: "My wife's mother has had this illustration in the attic since 1945. It was painted by E. Simms Campbell and Louis Priscilla. Campbell was apparently the first African-American cartoonist / illustrator to be syndicated in American magazines. This painting, about 2' X 3', represents what GI's thought they would find and what they actually found in various parts of the world. It was published in Look Magazine in July, 1945, as a centerfold."

John also included a few snapshots that I'm happy to share with you.
First we have the cover of Look Magazine and the printed version of the centerfold

Then the original art ...
... and a close up of the signatures.

If you have been looking for one of Simms Campbell's Good Girl Art illustrations this might be something for you. :)
If you are interested in this piece, just drop John a mail at darthjab at

And speaking of E. Simms Campbell, I just got a mail from Ariel S. Winter who writes:
"I'm writing to let you know about a series of recent blog posts I did on E. Simms Campbell. One is an overview of Campbell work with quotes from an interview Campbell gave in 1945, and the other is on his illustrations for Langston Hughes and Arna Bontemps's novel Popo and Fifina."

If you are interested in Campbell you ought to check them out!

Friday 15 October 2010

Laugh-O-Grams - Lost and found!

Thought most of Disney's early Laugh-O-Gram cartoons were lost? Not so anymore. Go check out David Gerstein's Ramapith blog for more info!

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Oct 8 drawing

The drawing I got from my girlfriend on my birthday last friday.
Thanks, Hedvig! :)

Sunday 10 October 2010

Duck Tales rarities

Some rarities for the Duck Tales fans out there. Just found a promotional folder for Duck Tales dating back to 1987 that I thought I should share with you.

BTW, this "poster" featuring the cast of season 1 was pencilled by Daan Jippes.

I have to admit that I never was a fan of the show. Actually I don't like it or the comic book stories based on it at all. The idea of doing an aventure show based on Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge is great, but the result just wasn't my cup of tea.

The best part of Duck Tales was the covers Daan Jippes did for the Gladstone comic books. I tried to read the comic book stories and found them just ... well ... eh ... the less I say about them the better. But I still bought the issues because of the cover art. Here you see what was supposed to be the cover to the first issue of Duck Tales in August 1987. (Taken from an ad that ran in the summer issues of Gladstones titles.) However, the Duck Tales title was pushed back. Instead this cover graced Uncle Scrooge Adventures #1. (Image below taken from Coverbrowser.)

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Felix vs Frankenstein

Just got the news of the Don Oriolo/Craig Yoe panel taking place at the New York Comic Con. If you are in NYC this sunday, don't miss it!

Sunday 3 October 2010

Bad Boy Comics

Here's a link for those of you who are interested in keeping up with the Dutch Donald Duck weekly: Bad Boy Comics.
Every week Dave "Bad Boy" Wessels takes a look at the current issue - in English! Definitely worth to check out!

And make sure to visit the main page to see Daves own cartoons and other stuff!


In case you wonder why there are so few updates, I'm working on a freelance assignment with a deadline today. (See half inked image below. Just to prove that I'm actually working on something. Not just writing this because I'm too lazy to post stuff...) But as soon as that job is finished the blog will resume it's frequent activity again!