Tuesday 18 September 2012

Was looking through the Sept. 14, 1929 issue of Liberty the other day.
( Bought two years ago because of "Show Girl in Hollywood" by McEvoy and Striebel. ) To my surprise there were also a few Patterson illustrations. Enjoy!

Saturday 15 September 2012

And the answer is...

... Alex Raymond!

 He, without a doubt, pencilled them and signed them. Who inked them is another question wich remains open to debate. The panels below are taken from the final two weeks of "Bleak Prospects" (May 31 to June 12, 1948), IDW Rip Kirby vol 1, pages 256 to 259.

See how different the inking is compared to the style with heavy brushstrokes normaly used around this time. ( Even the lettering is different on these strips. ) The style reminds me of the work of Russell Patterson. Could it be him helping Raymond out? Or is it Raymond himself testing another style? Guess we'll never know.

Speaking of Alex Raymond and inkers. The weeks leading up to these final two weeks of the "Bleak Prospects"storyline are also inked by someone else than the regular inker. In that case I'm pretty sure who the ghost inker is.

Looks like Frank Godwin,  doesn't it. :)


Wednesday 12 September 2012

Who did this?

Time to play "Who did this?"
Parts from seven pieces of artwork by one artist cobbled into one.
Question is simply – you guessed it – Who did this?

Be aware, it's a tricky one... ;)

Just Between Us Girls

Back in the 20's Russell Patterson drew the vignettes for Lloyd Mayer's "Just between us girls" column in Life. These samples are from June 9 and 30, 1927.

Friday 7 September 2012

My Friend Fanta, Part II

Here's the second part of "My Friend Fanta".
(Part I can be found HERE.)

"The fun part of doing these boards was that I didn't have to stay on 'exact' character model for these initial presentations. (I would not have been able to do that, even if my life depended on it.) Of course the final commercial had to be perfectly on character."

 "This was just about the time I became a super, duper Bill Peet fan, so I broke out my box of colored pencils."
"This board was my favorite board, unfortunately it was never used, c'est la vie."

"Another fun part for me was putting the different costumes on the characters for the various spots."

Here are the storyboards to the Wild West themed Fanta commercial!

And finally: Here's what the Wild West commercial looked like.

Thanks Bill, for sharing this with us!
 For more stuff from Bill Peckmann's collection make sure to check out Michael Sporn's SPLOG!

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Jamie Hewlett on drawing

“ I’m never content. Maybe I never will be, but I secretly know that that is what makes you grow.”

Sunday 2 September 2012

My Friend Fanta, Part I

My friend Bill Peckmann just sent me a batch of storyboards and presentation boards etc. that he did back in the 80's. Remember the Fanta commercials featuring Disney characters? Bill worked on those and it's a pleasure to be able to show you some "behind the scenes" stuff from them. I asked Bill if he would like to add some notes to the boards and so he did.
Take it away, Bill!

"Here’s a black and white copy of an ad agency presentation board for Fanta soda. I did this back in the mid '80's for the K.C.M.P. animation studio in NYC. The ad agency used the original color board to pitch the idea for a Disney character TV commercial to their client Fanta."

"Here is a color copy of one of the 'Robin Hood' panels. The commercials were made with the Disney characters working with live action characters/people and live action backgrounds."

"This is the rough style I did the animation lay-outs in take and which was neat because the great Disney animators Glen Keane and Dan Haskin would make all of my scribbles very legit, bring them back on model and keep the Disney studios happy campers. The animators were followed by excellent (and big Disney fans) assistant animators Eddy Klein and Mike Baez at K.C.M.P. studios in NYC. At the directorial helm was always the one and only Phil Kimmelman."

And here are the storyboards:

I wish I had the finished piece to show you, but this Japanese "My Friend Fanta" will have to do as a sample. Just to show you what these animation/live action commercials looked like.

Stay tooned for more Fanta(stic) stuff!
Coming soon!