Tuesday 19 November 2013

Sheilah Beckett, 1913 – 2013

Just got the news that a great illustrator passed away yesterday.
This was posted by Sean Smith on the Facebook group "The Art of Sheilah Beckett":
To all our friends, I have some sad news. Ian's and my mother Sheilah Beckett passed away yesterday. it was quick and I feel peaceful. she was about to go and work on a piece on the computer, my brother went to turn it on and came to get her and she was gone. So she was working right up to the end! So if you do something creative keep doing it and think of her,or look at some of her work and think good thoughts and know how much it meant to her that people loved her work.
If you'r not already familiar with her work please check out Leif Peng's post on her by clicking HERE. And make sure to pick up Illustration Magazine 38 for a great selection of her work in print.