Tuesday 27 April 2010

SPX and stuff

Finally back home after a trip to Gothenburg and Stockholm.
Gothenburg to join Hedvig and Stockholm for Small Press Expo.
We spent Saturday in our small booth selling sketchbooks, prints and Emma & Sara comics. Hedvig's sketchbook went fast and by the end of the day we had nothing left to sell. So the Sunday was spent relaxing in Stockholm, walking around, eating icecream in the sunshine.
This means that Hedvig's sketchbook 2010 and Emma & Sara #4 & 5 now are all sold out.
Hedvig made small drawings in the sketchbooks for those who asked, and while I wish I could have made copies of them all, here are two of them.

For some photos from SPX check out Hedvig's blog.

Didn't pick up much comics myself (Hedvig bought a ton of fanzines and books...) but there are two I really want to mention here. First we have the last album in the Valhall series by Peter Madsen & Co. ( Published by Ekholm & Tegebjer. )

A great finale to this album series that has been 30 years in the making. The gods are facing Ragnarok and all things practically goes to hell in this book. Great stuff! Peter Madsen was kind enough to make drawings in all albums. Mine below:

The best looking mini comic at SPX was IMO "Din Själ För En Saga" (Your soul for a tale.) By Daniel Westman. A well told short story (8 pages) with great artwork. Just see for yourself:

I want to see more of his stuff. Much more!

Also got the Jetta book when I got back.
This is the way a reprint book should be done! The reproduction is great and most important of all: the paper quality is perfect, perfect, perfect for this kind of book! Did I say it's perfect?
I hope other publisher sees this and finally stops using glossy paper for reprints of old stuff. (Usually the people choosing paper quality seems to think the shinier and more glossy paper they can get the better...)
To end this post here's mine and Hedvig's pin-up from the Jetta book.
In color!
On perfect paper. :)

Wednesday 21 April 2010

The many churches of Carl Barks

Wednesday = Barksday!

While all of you know Carl Barks oil paintings with the Disney Ducks, here's something you might be unaware of: He painted churches!
Thre are lots of paintings by Barks from the 60's of the Christian Science Church in Hemet. Here are three. Notice the number of the first: #666. :)

Now, I don't think he painted several hundred of these.
#566, 666, and 766 are more likely the fifth, sixth and seventh painting of the church he did in 1966. Using a different numbering system to separate these from the rest of his paintings.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Floyd Gottfredson Library!

Appears that the first five volumes of the Italian Floyd Gottfredson library has hit the stands!

Thanks to Francesco Spreafico who posted this image on the Floyd Gottfredson facebook group! Looks like it's possible to buy them HERE.
So far all of 1936 to 1942 has been reprinted!!!
Now, let's hope other publishers will follow!

Monday 19 April 2010

Hedvig's sketchbook 2010

[Edit: The Sketchbook is now sold out! They sure went fast this year.]

The all new sketchbook by Hedvig has arrived. Just picked up a box today. As usual she's only printed 50 copies, and as usual I expect these to be gone before the week is over.
Here's a sample of what the interiors looks like.

And the back cover:
It's 28 pages in black and white, with thick color covers. A5 size. The price including postage anywhere in Europe or USA is $10. (Just to cover the expenses for printing and postage.) Each copy will be signed and inscribed if so desired. And best of all, Hedvig will make a drawing in each one. Wadda great deal. :)
Just drop me a mail at: sekvenskonst at telia.com if you want one.
(You know you do!)
Or visit our booth at SPX in Stockholm this weekend!



Saturday 17 April 2010

More Sexteen by Patterson

Here's the second batch of sexteen gags by Russell Patterson. There's more in the book, so if you like them it's pretty easy to find it on eBay, along with the "Sexteen goes abroad" book that followed. Enjoy!

The weather is sunny, but oh so windy here in Gothenburg. Better put the computer away and then try to get Hedvig along for a walk in the sunshine. If she can be pulled away from her beloved Cintiq ... :)

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Somewhere beyond Nowhere

Wednesday = Barksday.

As you can see this week's cover of the Swedish Donald Duck weekly prominently proclaims to feature a "classic Carl Barks comic!" Well, to call something a classic the first time it's published might be to stretch it.
In reality it's a new version of the story "Somewhere in Nowhere", retitled "Somewhere beyond Nowhere" and rewritten to fit 12 pages, compared to the old versions 28.
[There seems to be some confusion about this since the credits in the book lists "Carl Barks and John Lustig (ca 1996)" as writers and artist as: "New artwork by Daan Jippes." Now, this was based on an idéa by Barks and written by Lustig. Probably in 2008. And the artwork by Jippes is obviously new, but can't be compared to the old version drawn by Pat Block, since it's a completely different story.]
Just to wet your appetite, here are a few sample panels.

PS. If you are in Copenhagen May 21-23 make sure to visit komiks.dk at Øksnehallen. Daan will be among the guests along with Peter Madsen, Dave Gibbons, Henk Kuijpers, Daniel Clowes and many, many more.

Monday 12 April 2010

Dan DeCarlo's Jetta

Hot of the presses: Dan DeCarlo's Jetta!
For the first time all three Jetta comic books from the 50's are collected in one large full-color hardback volume! You know you want it! ;)

Editor Craig Yoe asked me if I wanted to do a pin-up for the book.
And how could I say no to that?

Here's my first concept rough:

And then a more clean pencil sketch:

Followed by the final inked version:

The drawing was then colored by my girlfriend, Hedvig for inclusion in the book.

Our pin-up is not the only one in the book. No, 37 (!) artists joined the project and here's a list of them all! I bet I'm not the only one posting Jetta artwork today, so follow the links and explore the blogs and websites to get a fix of some great artwork. Enjoy!

Alan Gutierrez alangutierrez.com
Andrew Pepoy pepoy.com
Becky Dreistadt tinykittenteeth.com
Ben Tan bentan.bellefree.com
Bill Morrison littlegreenman.com
Bill Presing billpresing.com
Brandon Ragnar littlecartoons.com
Colleen Coover colleencoover.net
Clizia Gussoni CliziaGussoni.com
Craig McCracken craigmccracken.net
Danny Hellman dannyhellman.com
David Reddick davidreddickstudio.com
Dean Yeagle http://cagedbeagle.com/
Dominic Marco dominicmarco.com
Fabrizio Pasini fabriziopasini.ptibook.com
Jay Stephens jaystephens.com
Jenny Lerew blackwingdiaries.blogspot.com
Hedvig Häggman-Sund vixiearts.blogspot.com
Justin Ridge justinridge.com
Kali Fontecchio kalikazoo.blogspot.com
Katie Rice funnycute.blogspot.com
Leslie Cabarga lesliecabarga.com
Luke McDonnell comicartfans.com
Mark Frauenfelder boingboing.net
Mike Maihack cowshell.com
Molly Crabapple mollycrabapple.com
Paul Guinan boilerplaterobot.com
Robert Ullman ullman.lurid.com
Ryan Hungerford ryanhungerford.com
Scott Tolleson stolleart.blogspot.com
Stephanie Gladden stephaniegladden.com
Stephen Silver silvertoons.com
The Savanella Sisters savanellasisters.com
Tracy Mark Lee tdog-art.com

Some of the great pieces of artwork you will find in the book:
[Pin-ups by Andrew Pepoy, Scott Tolleson, Brandon Ragnar and Jay Stephens.]
Now what are you waiting for? Go get it! :)

Sunday 11 April 2010

Russell Patterson 1958

Russell Patterson is probably most well known for his stylish artwork, produced between the late teens and the early forties. Covers for Ballyhoo, American Weekly etc including numerous gorgeous flappers.

A lesser known part of his career is his work for Grayson Publishing Corp. in the 50's.
Not beeing the hot artist anymore, he illustrated at least two joke books in the "Over Sexteen" series.
Just to give you a few samples of his work on these books, I've scanned a few of his gag illustrations from volume 6. If you want to see Patterson artwork from his peak years I recommend the book "The Art of Russell Patterson". Additional samples of rare work can be found at the Russell Patterson blog.

Now, over to the Sexteen gags. Funny or not, here they come...

More to follow.
But tomorrow it's Jetta time!

Thursday 8 April 2010

The Gemstone that never was

Remember how the publishers of Disney comics in the 80's, Gladstone Publishing, ran a feature in their last issues called "The Gladstone that never was"?
It showed covers that had been planned for upcoming issues and/or shelved covers form their run.
Well, here's "The Gemstone that never was". Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #699 to 705 and a second Daan Jippes collection.

[Edit: Covers removed. They can all be found HERE, along with more unused covers!]

Saturday 3 April 2010

Donald Duck Art Stamp Picture Set

Just because it's so charming: A vintage Donald Duck Art Stamp Picture Set.
No, I don't own it myself but I wish I did. The image of Donald is just sparkling with enthusiasm and the coloring job and the artwork is just so striking and appealing. Enjoy!

Thursday 1 April 2010

An original Goliat daily!

What a surprise gift that waited for me when I came back from my vacation.
An original Goliat daily by Kenneth & Kerstin Hamberg!

Thanks, Kenneth & Kerstin!

For those of you that lives outside Sweden: Goliat was created in the mid 70's and became a hit in the early 80's when animated shorts were shown on television. A comic book was published up until the early 90's and the daily strip also ran for many years.
Here's an episode of the animated series, taken from Youtube. (Just dig that groovy intro music.)

And don't miss the special all-Hamberg, 100 page issue of Bamses äventyr, just released here in Sweden. As you might know I'm the editor of that title so I made sure to include a four page interview with some rare artwork. It was a fun issue to compile. :)