Friday, 18 May 2007

Just released - Big Fun #5

Hot off the presses: Big Fun Comics #5!


American Comic Archive announces the publication of Big Fun Comics
Magazine #5 featuring Lance by Warren Tufts. Coming in at almost 200
pages, there are over 2 full years of strips, with Sundays in full color.

Regarded as one of the finest western strips ever produced. Tufts excellent writing and well crafted dialogue was equally matched by his artwork. Filled with isolated settlements, wagon trains, Indian wars, desert vistas, mountain ranges, blizzards, saints and sinners, the brilliant artwork, always historically accurate was unequaled by any strip in the 1950's save perhaps, at times Jose Salinas' artwork on Cisco Kid and Hal Foster's continuing work on Prince Valiant. For color treatment,
no strip surpasses Tufts mastery on Lance.

Big Fun Comics 5 is distributed through
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Basically, issue 5 is on sale. It's a Lance only issue. All Sundays are in
color. It covers almost 2 years of the strip, starting at the very
beginning. The daily strip begins on Jan. 14, 1957. As it is integrated
with the Sunday, from this point on the pages alternate between dailies
and Sundays.

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