Sunday, 20 May 2007

Wunders Terry try-outs

When Milton Caniff decided to leave "Terry and the Pirates" his sucessor George Wunder drew some sample strips to land the job. Wunders run on the strip began in January 1947, but the sample strips he made was to my knowledge never used. His style in these try-outs were much closer to Caniff's style than anything he ever did later.
I'd say that this was the best job he ever did on the strip.

So far I've only seen four.
One in the Street Enterprises portfolio, two in a catalouge with original art for sale and the original art for another in my drawers(!). The strip I got is marked #13 in the upper left corner.
Anyone who has seen more? Wouldn't it be great to have a set of these collected and used as bonus material in last volume of the upcoming Terry books?

Well , here are the four I'm aware of:

Also: I believe that "Adventures of Patsy"-artist Charles Raab did try-out strips for "Terry and the Pirates" at the same time. Anyone who has seen any of those and can confirm?

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