Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Soft Comics

You never know when things comes back to haunt you...
Always keep in mind that everything you write or put up on the net may be stored somewhere and later brought to light. Same goes for everything you allow to see print. No matter how few copies printed someone somewhere with a big nose who knows will find it and show it to the world. ;)
And this is the case with this ultra rare copy of "David Gerstein's Comics" #12 published by Soft Comics many, many years ago. As some of you might know David is today well known among Disney fans as a writer, editor, researcher and historian. But back in the days he also had his own stable of comic book stars like Flatypus the Platypus, Davide, Monk, Phineas T. Butterfly, Horatio the Cat and Max the Mouse. Re-reading this I see David must have had a massive overdose of vintage Disney comics and Felix the Cat at one stage or another... just like myself... :)
Hey, this is pretty funny stuff.
(Sorry if I embarrassed you with this post, David. I hope you dont mind me posting this gem from the past.)

Later this week I'll show another example of the works by someone that became well known but probably thinks everyone has forgotten all about his early attempts as a comic book artist. Who it is? Michael Barrier! Stay tuned!


Lurker said...

Hi, Joakim. What a great blog you have! Very entertaining and informative.

BTW (I didn't find your email address, so I ask here), do you know anything 'bout Swedish sf-comic Johnny Wiking? I've got myself one years worth of Vecko-Revyn magazine (1944) and Johnny's adventures. I did find some information of Björn Karlström, the artist, on Lambiek, and according to it, Wiking was published even in Belgium!

I put one Johnny Wiking sample page onto my own nostalgia and comics blog, PopuLAARI. If you please, check it out.

Anonymous said...


I'll post a message about your blog on the swedish comic book forum and we'll see if anyone replies. Myself I don't have any pages but I'm familiar with Karlströms oteher comic "Dotty Virvelvind". (Don't have any tearsheets though.)


Lurker said...

Thank you for your troubles!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joakim,

I'm not embarrassed... much! If only you'd picked a sample from a story less... uh, *derivative* than Horatio the Cat and Max the Mouse...
They started out as Tom and Jerry ripoffs drawn in an Iwerks style. Later they ceased being enemies and teamed up to sucker the dopey rabbit Dumb Bunny.
But my heart wasn't in it... I really only kept Horatio and Max around because my readers asked for more of them. I had a lot more fun drawing the Davide, Monk, and Phineas T. Butterfly stories...