Thursday, 25 October 2007

Bill Wright - cover roughs

Ever wondered about the different stages when an artist plans and layouts a cover?
Here are Bill Wrights cover roughs for Mickey Mouse 142. First out are some false starts. Just rough pencils drawn trying to come up with an idea.

Then we have the pencils submitted to the editor. It's a strong and appealing cover design but as the margin notes says; it gives away part of the story.

So, Bills editor Chase Craig rejected that sketch and came up with another layout suggestion:

Bill followed it and came up with this:

And here is the final cover as it appeared on Mickey Mouse 142:

Thanks to Germund Von Wowern for allowing me to post these from his collection, and to Don Ault who made sure these were saved for us to enjoy!

PS. The stuff I promised last tuesday will have to wait a day or two more. A little too busy to scan right now. Sorry.
But I promise it will - knock - yer - heads - clean- off. ;)


ckaliff said...

I didn't know where to write it but your blog is really cool!

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Thank you! That makes me happy to hear.
The feedback from all of you who checks this blog out is what makes me dig in to my files for more odd and rare stuff to add to the blog. :)