Thursday, 4 October 2007

New original art

It's time to update my gallery. Something wich I haven't done in a while despite the fact that I've been buying stuff all the time. But you, my loyal followers will see the new stuff first.

First out are some real gems by Swedish artist Rune Andréasson.
Here we see a page from his last comicbook story "Bamse i Trollskogen", from 1990.
This story was actually written back in the seventies as a shorter leadstory for the BAMSE comic book. However he decided to make a movie out of it and I've seen storyboards dated 1981. The film was released in early 1991 if I remember right. It took him 15 years to get that movie/comic done!!! I should add that he and his wife drew and hand painted the whole movie themselves at the same time as they did a monthly comic book... Other people drew the comics, but still.
I was able to pick my favorite page from the story. :)

Then we have two dailies from the 50's and 60's. Rune did Brum for many, many years. Again I was able to pick my two favorites of the more than thousand strips made. They are very different both in size and the way they are made (Brush vs. nib.) but I love them both.

And here is the cover for the 1970's collection of Lille Rikard and his cat. Handpainted on a cel. Will have this one professionally framed. Nice, eh? ;)

And lastly, my three X-9 dailies from 1942 by Mel Graff. Got the last one by mail yesterday.
I can only say one thing: I want mooooore! (Yes I know, I'm a sicko...)

Two of these also have stamp on the back of the art. Does the name Chester Kozlak ring any bells?

Wait, hold on a second! I'm not finished yet!
As a reward for reading this far here's Kim Novak reading Dick Tracy in the bath. Enjoy! ;)


Unknown said...

Maybe it's this Chester Kozlak?

Anonymous said...

Naahh, now poor Kim will get her comic wet... @_@

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Maybe so. That would explain why those two strips turned up now after he passed away.