Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The first Olli page

I'm finally back from Stockholm and SPX. We had fun the last two days and actually sold out before the show closed. :) Also bought some good stuff like Niklas Asker's graphic novel "Second Thoughts" and Ronnie del Carmen's "And there you are" (A must have for fans of this very, very talented Pixar artist).

And I also went to Seriegalleriet to pick up a nice piece of original art. This is the very first Olli page by Nils Egerbrandt from the very first issue of Tuff och Tuss from 1953. Olli had started as a strip the year before but this is his comic book debut. So the logo is even hand drawn instead of a stat. :)

I should also mention that my friend David Gerstein has started a new blog. The focus is on old cartoons, comics and music. It's called Ramapith: The Prehistoric Pop Culture Blog and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


-= Steamboat Willie =- said...

Interesting to sayt he least..

I recently discovered that Nils did a 3D (anaglyph) comic in Tuf och Tuss. THis must be one of the earliest attempts at 3D in Swedish, but is it the earliest?

Is "Olli och Pova reser till månen" the earliest 3-D comic made and/or published in Sweden?

Smurfswacker said...

Nice page!!