Friday, 24 April 2009


So yesterday we headed for Kulturhuset in Stockholm to attend the first day of spx09. The program said it would start at 17.00 and continue to 20.00 this day. But... to our surprise there was nothing. Absolutely nothing! When we got to the floor were spx was supposed to be there was a photo exhibithion. Not even a sign saying spx had been cancelled or anything. We saw people coming up the stairs looking around and just shaking their heads.
What more can I say that this is a pretty sloppy organisation failure. Myself I took one day extra off from work just to be able to attend all days. They could at least have updated their website mentioning this. Even having a small sign at the location that the event had been cancelled would have been a nice gesture to people. Just to give some information. But, no. This resulted in a pretty grumpy Joakim...
Now, let's hope things will shape up and that there actually will be something happening this weekend.

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Håkan / Wakuran said...

Well, there was the book swap at the library one floor below, and I believe there might have been a film showing.