Saturday, 4 April 2009

Montana by Branca

Anyone who knows if "Montana" made by Linton Howard and Daniel Branca in the 90's is available in collected form? The only page I've ever seen is this one:

Would love to see more. I'm also interested in seeing, and possibly buying, an original oil painting by Branca. If you know what happened to his paintings, and if they are for sale please mail me privately: sekvenskonst at

Now back to calculating my taxes for 2008... (The sun is shining but I'm stuck inside with paperwork and laundry. Groan.)



Håkan / Wakuran said...

I can't find any info about it ever been printed outside the children's mag "Billiken".

joan benavent said...

Soy Linton Howard (Joan Benavent) y poseo la aventura completa que me dibujó Daniel Branca. Si estás interesado en ella te la giraría por E- Mail.
Te recomiendo mi blog allí encontrarás otro personaje mío: "Mark Kane, detective in Hollywood", art by Oswal (he publicado dos historias de las seis existentes.