Monday, 13 April 2009

Tubbs to Ivey

Here are some pictures I found on eBay some 8 years ago. Back in the 70's Gordon Campbell and Jim Ivey compiled a book with Roy Crane's materpiece Wash Tubbs. These photos are from Jims copy of the book where Roy made several original color pieces. A one of a kind item. I hope it can be located for the new Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy reprints because I'd love to see them in higher resolution and in print. (If you know where it it please don't hesitate to contact Fantagraphics and let them know.) But until then here are some small but nice images. Enjoy!

PS. And while at it, here's a bonus Tubbs. A very off-model cover:

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Germund said...

These were really nice! How come I've never seen 'em?