Thursday, 25 February 2010

Bamse 6/10 preview

BAMSE 6 2010 marks the "comeback" for one the best Bamse artists of the 90's: Thomas Holm. So, I thought I should give you a sneak peak of what the return to the pages of BAMSE looks like.

[If you live in Scandinavia I assume you are familar with "BAMSE - the strongest bear in the world". If you live in another part of the world I guess you've never heard of him.
To make a brief summary: Created by Swedish comic artist/writer Rune Andréasson, Bamse made his debut on the TV-screen and as a weekly sunday page in 1966. In 1973 he got his own comic book, that soon became one of the most popular in Sweden. Sales peaked in the early 90's when Egmont took over the production from Andréasson. It's still one of the top selling comic books in Sweden. Myself, I wrote my first Bamse script back in 1991 and today I'm on staff as a "project leader".]

Now, on to the sneak peak. What you'll see below are some panels with Thomas own coloring. Made as a guide for the colorists. Unfortunately, very little of his coloring made it into the final version. But here it is for you to enjoy. :)
[If you live in Sweden or Finland, where Bamse still is published, you can pick up your own copy on April 13 and compare this with the final version.]

Although this is Thomas' comeback to the pages of the BAMSE comic book he has also recently made a few Bamse childrens books, some covers and a new comic book featuring Bamse for really young kids.
It should also be mentioned that the story in 6 2010 is written by Jens Hansegård, wich is also writing scripts for the Scandinavian Donald Duck weekly.

BAMSE 6 2010 is number 498 since the start in 1973. So, number 500 is just around the corner... :)


Jonas Lidström Isegim / Quadrante said...

Asterix/Obelix vibbar, delvis pga av omslaget och delvis att miljön ritas mindre som kulisser och med tredimensionell.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. You should let Thomas color his own work in the future.

Fabian Gordillo said...

Joakim: ¡Expectacular trabajo! Por este lado del planeta es imposible conseguir comics de Bamse, tengo una prima que vive en Malmö y de vez en cuando me envía algunos ejemplares, por correo tradicional, que conservo en mi colección de comics, viendo la calidad de este que estás mostrando, ¡Por favor, quiero uno ya!.
Una vez mas mis felicitaciones y te envío un fuerte abrazo.


Håkan / Wakuran said...

Arrh! Pirates.

Translating from Spanish for an international audience:

Spectacular work! On this side of the planet it's impossible to follow Bamse comics, I have a cousin who lives in Malmö and from time to time she sends me some copies by traditional mail, which I save in my comics collection, seeing the quality of those you are showing. Please, I want one already!

One more time I greet you and send you a strong hug!


Göran s said...

Det var faktiskt väldigt snyggt; jag får både Freddy Milton- och Rackham den Röde-vibbar. Vad har han gjort annars?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Göran: Thomas har i serieväg bara gjort Bamse. Vad jag vet.
I övrigt är han animatör, motivlackerare, koncepttecknare etc etc. Många strängar på lyran med andra ord.

Göran S said...

Jamen hallå. Han, Hedvig och ett par kompetenta manusförfattare är ju ett helt allåldersserieimperium!