Sunday, 14 February 2010

This and that, on a Sunday evening

Hedvig just sent me a bunch of drawings. Some characters from one of her projects. And with her permission I'm sharing them here. Enjoy!

Buck O'Rue

My friend Germund is busy with his Paul Murry & Dick Huemer project: The complete Buck O'Rue comic strips and sundays. Well almost complete. He's still missing a few dailies and some parts of a few sundays. So I take the liberty to repeat a plea from Germund posted in 2008.

Now I've compiled a list of all the Buck O'Rue artwork Richard Huemer and I are missing to complete the book. I'm making a last attempt to locate it through a few blogs, so if you could help us by posting a search plea we'd be exceptionally grateful. Practically the entire run Jan 15, 1951 to late 1952 is ready and scanned from black/white proofs and I have already spent much of last year cleaning up the artwork.

The year 1951 is 100% complete, so all the missing art is from 1952. We would like to obtain the full 12-panel versions of the following sundays:
January 20
Feb 3
May 4
June 8,15,22,29
July 6
August 10,17,24
December 14 and later, but these were probably never even produced.

The dailies are complete Jan 15, 1951 to July 19, 1952, except the week of July 7-12, 1952. These late dailies were probably never even published in newspapers at the time, but were most likely drawn.

If you can help Germund please mail him at germund_vw (at) yahoo dot com

While waiting for the book to be finished, here's a promotion pic of Buck and his horse Reddish drawn by Murry.

And speaking of book collections of newspaper comics. The Ba-Ba book seems to be forever delayed. I have finished my part a loooong time ago and now it's all in the hands of others. All we can do is wait I suppose...


Hedvig said...

D'aww, tack för reklamen! :3

Germund said...

Gawrsh, first time I ever saw that image of Buck in color! Very nice!