Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hedvig HS' iPhone sketchbook

Need some nifty artwork in your iPhone?
Hedvig just released her new sketchbook in that format.
Go check it out! :)

 Five persons sending me a mail with the word "Griffin" as the subject will get a promo code, so that you can download it for free. :) sekvenskonst at telia dot com

Edit: Turned out that the promocodes only worked with US iTunes accounts. So there are still a few left.

Here's the description from the website: "A pocket-sized artbook with sketches and illustrations by Hedvig, a swedish illustrator. After she finished comic art school in Malmö, Sweden, she's been working as a comic book artist, mainly illustrating comics for kids and teens. Eventually she ended up in the game making industry as a concept artist. Browse through never before seen sketches and art, and some classics. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration on the way. 33 pages."
[Note that even though the cover is the same as her latest, printed sketchbook from 2009 the contents are not the same. And you'll be able to zoom in on all of the images.]

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