Wednesday, 24 February 2010

To Barks from Chase

Wednesday = Barksday.

Have you seen the entry for the Carl Barks story "Double Masquerade" on the Inducks site?

Take a close look and you'll see that the plot is attributed to both Carl Barks and his editor Chase Craig.
Well how do we know that for sure?
Some times an indexer must rely on second, or even third hand information. In some cases credits are more dubious and comes in the form of rumours or "I heard this old timer say that his former colleauge might have remembered that..." Well, you get the idea.
Then there are cases where the credits comes from actual written documents from the time the story was created. Like this one.

The source for Chase Craigs credit comes from the note below. A breif plot outline with suggestions. Sent to Carl Barks by Chase Craig.
Finding stuff like this is like piecing together a giant puzzle. You know you'll never be able to find all the pieces, but it's none the less fun. :)
[Click to enlarge image.]

And to end todays post: two panels from Double Masquerade, first published in WDC&s 280.

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