Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A parrot and a page

Has been a doing this and doing that day today. But at least one drawing was finished. A "Disco Parrot"...

Since a disco parrot doesn't make a blog post, here's an oldie but goldie.
An Emma & Sara page from 2005.
And in english too! Do I have to mention that I like penguins?
[Click to enlarge.]

Now, it's 20.00 here in Sweden. The country of snow, it seems. We haven't had this much snow in the south of Sweden since 1979, they say. And I believe them.
Thinking about leaving the Studio for the evening. At least my stomach tells me to go home to get some food. But it's warm and cozy here and outside ... Brrr...

Hold on!
Just went over to Johan Kimrin's cubicle here in the Studio and spoke to him about some Modesty Blaise related stuff, when I saw that we, without knowing it, had published an alternate, previously unpublished panel by Jim Holdaway in the latest issue of Agent X9!
Will show it here later this week. :)

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